Friday, April 21, 2017

"I Don't Leave Home Without It!"

Happy Friday of the Easter Octave.

During this past Easter Sunday's homily, Fr. Ed Foley invited us to ponder what "rehearsing the resurrection" looks like in our daily lives. How, for instance, how do we make the resurrection of Christ present to others?

Always on the look-out for ways to re-interpret what most would consider "nice" behavior, I discovered one of those little "rehearsing the resurrection" moments this morning and it came from one of our WLP customers.

This came from a woman who has a single subscription to our Seasonal Missalette. She had sent in her check with her recent stub from the bill. Our accounting department "upstairs" processes these payments quickly and efficiently, unless there is something out of the ordinary. If that happens, the payment and the stub are sent down to us here at WLP.

This morning, I was handed an "out of the ordinary" payment. Attached to the stub and the check, which was written for an amount that exceeded the billed amount, was a hand-written note. Here's a photo of the note:

The note reads:

10 April 2017
To whom it may concern:
Thank you for being so prompt in sending me my missalette!! I don't leave home without it. The balance is a small donation to your coffee fund.
God Bless -
Love -

This woman brought joy into our hearts, as well as a little donation to a coffee fund that we should perhaps start around here! For me, at least, she accomplished a little "resurrection rehearsal."

Happy Easter!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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