Friday, March 10, 2017

Renovating Bathrooms, a Kitchen, and a Heart


I have some extensive renovations about to begin in my home. On the docket is a complete renovation of the kitchen, a half bath and the master bathroom.

For the past several weeks, I came to realize that renovation is more than welcoming the general contractor and workers at the door, who would then immediately dive into the various projects.

(These are not photos of my home!) But I think you get the idea!

In order for the renovation to begin, the contents of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and closets needed to be cleared, wrapped, boxed, and stored.

I had really no idea how much "stuff" was in these cabinets and closets.

And, of course, I began to think about how all of this relates to what we are all asked to do during the season of Lent. Sure, Lent is about renewal and restoration; all aspects of interior renovation. But before any of that renovation actually begins to take place, we need to, in a away, open the cabinets and closets of our minds and hearts and see what is of real use to us and what has been causing nothing but clutter for years, maybe even decades.

So, my major Lenten pursuit right now is focused on that de-cluttering.

How's it going this Lent for you?

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