Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Michael Marchal's Latest Manuscript

Tuesday greetings from a wintry Midwest. Took over two hours to drive to work this morning. "Lake Effect Snowbands" are not good things for commuters!

I received a manuscript a few days ago from Michael Marchal, who has written two books for WLP's Fountain of Life RCIA series, The Spirit at Work and Toward the Table. Mike's latest submission is a shorter work that develops some of the principles from The Spirit at Work. As I move through it, I am realizing how important this little book will be for RCIA ministers. Here's one of Mike's opening paragraphs:

"My purpose is to provide a useful road map for RCIA practitioners to use in guiding the participants in the initiation process to a more complete conversion to Christ and a richer life in the Spirit. My presupposition is that you, the practitioners, will need first to get in touch with where your own process of conversion has brought you so that you can be more effective guides. And so this book is a manual for self-reflection, an outline for team enrichment, and hopefully a source of insight about what is happening inside the conversion journey of the participants."

I am excited about publishing this book. Mike has decades of experience and a solid approach to the RCIA, catechesis, conversion, and ritual. Shouldn't take us long to move it through our processes here; perhaps it will be available in about six months. It has already been a good tool for self-reflection for me!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Denise Anderson said...

A great way for ministers to look at the whole process of initiation and find the echoes of their own journey to energize them, inspire, and share as helpful. Thanks for picking up the torch with these resources and all the other RCIA support you are offering! Generative care of the Church...