Monday, March 27, 2017

A Call From the USCCB About This Morning's Post

Monday afternoon greetings.

A few hours after my blog post this morning, I received a call from the publishing arm of the USCCB regarding my post. The person who called me was inquiring about the post. She was cordial and sincere, asking me about what I said in the post. I explained that the use of the term "program" to describe the RCIA can send a confusing message; the term can define the RCIA as programmatic, another parish program, something that begins in September and ends in April or May. I explained that this kind of terminology is not used in the Rite itself; the Rite is clear that this is about an individual's journey of conversion to Christ; a journey that can never be neatly fit into a program; "the rite is suited to a spiritual journey." She apologized for not realizing that. She told me that she was new to the marketing department and that others had said that Journey to the Fullness of Life could be a useful tool for parishes. She admitted that it was not a timely resource and that the email should have described that fact in more detail. I was blunt and said that I expect more from the bishops' conference. She agreed.

Folks, I honestly felt that this was a moment of catechesis about the Rite and I was so grateful for the phone call and for this marketer's openness to learn and to enter into a dialogue. That really is the only way that the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults will be be furthered in our parishes; through an honest exchange and dialogue.

So, be kind in your thoughts about the USCCB; a new person is on board trying to do her best to serve the Church; just a little slippage this morning.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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