Monday, February 13, 2017

Who We Are and Whose We Are in Tyler, Texas

Monday greetings. It's sunny and beautiful here in the Midwest.

I had a wonderful time in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas over the weekend. I believe Tyler is the smallest (number of people) diocese in the lower 48 states. On Saturday over 90 people from across the diocese came to the chancery office to spend the day focused on cultivating a baptismal spirituality in our hearts and in our parishes. A few photos.

Across town, the same presentation was being given in Spanish. I was told that over 60 people were in attendance at that location. They really know how to get the folks out in this diocese!

As you know, baptismal spirituality is one of my favorite topics, around which I have lots of passion. A day like Saturday is, for the folks gathered--and for me--a day "to remember who we are and whose we are."

One woman at the session told us that she always thought that her baptism was something that happened to her way in the past, when she was a baby. She said that the day helped awaken in her the importance and enduring power of the sacrament. I just smiled when she said this.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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