Tuesday, February 14, 2017

People Gotta Sing; People Gotta Pray

Tuesday greetings to all.

I am gearing up to leave for Baltimore tomorrow morning. Mary Birmingham and I are doing an RCIA Intensive at the Mid-Atlantic Congress there on Friday and Saturday. This is a bit of a different kind of model, kind of a "conference within a conference." There are close to 50 people registered for the intensive and Mary and I have been working for months on our five one-hour sessions. Should be fun!

I received a few photos from the folks in Tyler, Texas, where I led a workshop on Saturday. Here are some folks singing WLP's fine hymn God, Who At the Font Once Named Us.

We sang this piece after everyone had a chance to come to the water to renew their baptism.

And here's yours truly in action!

Looks like I am trying to figure out what to say next!

January and February have been focused on so much ministry training and retreat work for me. Following the Congress in Baltimore and a few days back here in Chicago, we'll be heading to Anaheim, California for the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

You know, people really do gotta sing and people really do gotta pray. I've met hundreds of them in my travels just these past several weeks!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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