Monday, January 30, 2017

They Should Be Ashamed

I am outraged and deeply, deeply worried for the United States. Tomorrow, several of us are going to visit the refugee family from Afghanistan that we have been supporting. Read more about it here. We partnered with Exodus World Service to reach out to "our family." This is Exodus' statement of response to the executive order signed by President Trump. Please read it and educate yourself about the plight of refugees and the process they go through to legally enter the Unites States and become part of the collective "we."

The president and those who support that executive order should be ashamed. And I do not say this as a political statement of any kind. This is a statement that is rooted in the biblical values of hospitality and welcome to the stranger.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

Mobilizing the Christian community 
to welcome refugees.

January 2017

Our Response
Today the U.S. President signed an executive order
that changes refugee resettlement as we know it.

The executive order limits refugee admissions and
restricts travel to the U.S.
from a number of countries
that are predominantly Muslim.

We stand strong with our refugee friends
 and sense God's call on our hearts
to remain steadfast in welcoming refugees with love.


Aren't these changes for our protection?

The security of our country is important. But we believe
that safety and compassion 
are not mutually exclusive
for the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.

Refugees are among the most rigorously vetted
people who enter our country.
 The refugee vetting process is lengthy and arduous.
God reminds us repeatedly in Scripture
not to live in fear. As Christians,
we must ask ourselves if fear justifies
restricting refugees, some of the
world's most vulnerable people
who also long for safety and security.

Why should we be concerned?
We are concerned about delays for resettled refugees
who seek to reunite with their families.
Hope dims for parents
and children who wait for reunification.
We also grieve for the
well-being of refugees overseas who wait,
 often in the poorest of conditions,
to find refuge and safety in America.

We believe that refugees from all nations and religions are
courageous survivors who contribute much to our communities. 
Please join us in steadfastly welcoming the stranger.

Sign or Share a Statement of Solidarity
Learn More about Refugee Issues
Volunteer as a New Neighbor to a Recently Arrived Refugee Family
Invite a Speaker to Your Church or Small Group to Learn About Refugees
Give Now to Ensure that Refugees Here Receive Help

God of grace,
Watch over all refugees,
Embrace them in the pain of their partings.
Into their fear and loss, send love.
Open our eyes that we might
See You in them.
Open our hearts that they might
See You in us.
Open our arms that we might
Welcome refugees to new homes,
As you stretched out your arms
And invited everyone home.

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adrian s smith said...

The church and maybe wlp needs to get involved I also would like to get involved including my parents protest marches be brave and let's this!!!!!!