Wednesday, January 4, 2017

RCIA for Children: A New Resource from WLP

Wednesday greetings from the home office here in Franklin Park, IL. Most of our WLP employees are back in the office after the holidays. Sometimes I feel like a "Dad" here; happy when all my "kids" are safely home!

A new RCIA resource for children arrived in our warehouse over the holidays. I am the chief editor of the book and this was quite the project. Children of the Light: Precatechumenate Sessions for Children and Families, by Blessie La Scola is a much needed resource for those working with the catechumenate for children of catechetical age. You can find it on WLP's web site, where you can click to find sample pages; we included some of the introduction and one entire session for you to examine. Each session includes a letter to be sent home to the child's parents or guardians. Just snapped this photo; isn't the cover beautiful?

This is the first of two manuals; the second manuscript from Blessie, which we are expecting shortly, will include sessions for the catechumenate period, purification and enlightenment, and mystagogy for children's catechumenate.

The book contains a CD-ROM, where you can find loads of materials to download from each of the sessions, including handouts, worksheets, projects, and those letters home.

Please, please, those of you who have been "hounding" me for years, looking for resources for children's catechumenate, take the time now to look at this resource and consider purchasing it. We would be most grateful.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Anonymous said...

I am excited and hope to see this resource next week in NOLA. Carol