Friday, December 30, 2016

Immense Gratitude for . . .

Friday morning greetings.

Did you happen to catch Pope Francis' remarks about the so-called "reform of the reform?"

This, my final day of work here at WLP for 2016, is a day of immense gratitude . . .

. . . for the WLP team members who work tirelessly to fulfill our mission to serve and inspire the singing, praying, initiating church

. . . for the managers here, five extraordinary women whose gifts and talents take my breath away every day

. . . for a work environment that is clean and environmentally friendly

. . . for windows in my office

. . . for the gift of music

. . . for our new team members who joined us in 2016

. . . for those who left our team in 2016 to pursue other life dreams

. . . for a caring family who owns our company

. . . for the opportunity to write this blog . . .

Happy New Year to all!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Clare Colella said...

There is a graciousness in acknowledging all those who shape and enrich our lives -- our hearts and our faith, too -- and that is done so well here. There are many more. Today is January 3. Tomorrow our daughter Marie would be celebrating her 34th birthday. She is celebrating in heaven, and we are incredibly grateful here for the 31+ years she spent with us. In ways known and yet to be discovered she continues to enrich us with the life, love and faith she shared here on earth. There are so many who have entered our lives and left an everlasting impression. Thank you, God, for the gift of Marie and for all those who have known her, known of her, and loved her, too!