Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chicago: "Keep Hope Alive!"

Thursday greetings on a cold, but sunny, day here in Chicago.

The New York Times printed a story today about Chicago's rise in murders and violence.

That article mentions U.S. House Representative Danny Davis, my own congressman; Mr. Davis represents the district in which I live.

Representative Danny K. Davis, a Democrat whose district includes some of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods, said that he believed poverty was fueling the city's bloodshed, and that Chicago needed to make investments 'to revamp whole communities.'

The article goes on. Notice what Mr. Davis says about hope.

"People struggle, and on top of that, in many instances, people have lost hope in their government," Mr. Davis said. "They've lost hope that something is going to change for them. And if we can't keep hope alive, then you don't have to wonder whether things are going to get better or get worse: They'll get worse."

And I didn't realize the following about Mr. Davis and his family.

Last month, Mr. Davis's 15-year-old grandson, Javon Wilson, was shot dead at a home in his grandfather's congressional district. The Chicago police said a fight that preceded the shooting may have been over a pair of shoes, and two teenagers have been charged in Javon's death."

Perhaps the Chicago initiative to end the murder and the violence should be called "Keep Hope Alive."

Feeling frustrated about all of this. Please keep my city in your prayers.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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