Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Immigrant Crisis: WLP Is Doing Something. Will You?

Wednesday greetings from the Midwest on an unusually warm October morning.

I just read a report, indicating that over 4500 migrants were rescued off the coast of Italy just in the past 24 hours. Apparently the seas have been calm, so the "people smugglers" have been hard at work pushing their boats filled with migrants off the coast of North Africa. Here is a photo of one of the boats.

We at WLP have spent the past couple of months collecting household items to set up an apartment for a refugee family through the group Exodus World Service. Check out the link, especially if you, your family, or your parish are searching for something concrete to do to welcome displaced families here to the United States.

Here is our little WLP "Exodus" bulletin board:

The Exodus World Service folks set up an online tool, specifically for WLP, through which we were able to each check off items that we intended to bring in for our refugee family. Easy and efficient. My heart is brimming with pride for our team members here at WLP who were so generous with their time and treasure.

The results:

Yesterday, we found out that our family will be arriving today from Afghanistan, through New Delhi, India, and into O'Hare. An apartment was not readily available for them, so they will be temporarily settled in a motel on Chicago's north side.

Several of us will deliver the household materials to them early this evening. I pray that all goes well for them as they enter the United States.

Please, please, do something, anything you can, for immigrants, especially those fleeing such violence and horror in their own countries.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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