Monday, October 3, 2016

Dallas Ministries and Mass of Comfort and Joy by Kevin Keil

Monday greetings to all.

Over the last four days, I spent time at the Dallas Ministries Conference, which was a great gathering of ministers from the area, about four thousand, including volunteers and exhibitors. WLP helped sponsor the conference by sending Mary Birmingham and me to give workshops on baptism, apprenticeship, confirming adults Catholics, and Lent and the RCIA. It was great reconnecting with old friends and meeting new friends and colleagues.

Here I am with Mary Birmingham and Michael Prendergast.

And the symbol of my life "on the road!"

And here is our WLP exhibit booth.

The RCIA's implementation is facing some of the same challenges in Texas: so much focus on teaching doctrine to the detriment of the holistic approach called for by the Church. There were a few bright spots for me. One person, in particular, went out of his way to let me know that after hearing me speak a few years ago, his parish's RCIA process has really developed into an apprenticeship of discipleship!

I attended a workshop given by Kevin Keil. WLP publishes several pieces by Kevin, as well as his brand new Mass setting, Mass of Comfort and Joy, which (obviously) is a Mass for the Christmas Season. Kevin very cleverly uses Christmas carol tunes to craft the acclamations. They are solid and very accessible for the assembly.

This Mass is a gem!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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