Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New RCIA Intensive at MAC in Baltimore 2017: Are You Coming?

Tuesday greetings to all.

On Thursday and Friday of last week, the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) held their annual membership meeting here in Chicago. ACP is the professional membership organization for Catholic publishers, whose mission is to support "a viable, vibrant, and diverse Catholic publishing environment throughout North America and beyond. It seeks to provide visibility to, advocacy for, and sustainability of published Catholic content." WLP is a member of the ACP and at the membership meeting all of WLP's managers and I enjoyed the various workshops that were offered.

One of the major things that ACP does during the year is to co-sponsor the Mid-Atlantic Congress (MAC) with the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This year's congress "Blessed as Living Witnesses" will be held February 16-18 at the beautiful Hilton Hotel Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

The organizers have asked Mary Birmingham and I to present an intensive for RCIA ministers. The intensive, "RCIA: The Conjunction of Catechesis, Liturgy, and Apprenticeship," will be a great opportunity for attendees; this is not your usual one-hour workshop, but a much more thorough opportunity to learn about the RCIA and deal with the pastoral issues surrounding its implementation in parishes.

I was on the first steering committee when MAC was conceptualized. It was close to my heart because I was hoping that this would be a great forward-looking conference for those who minister in parishes through the East Coast, Eastern Canada, and beyond.

So I am putting the call out there for all of my friends and followers of this blog to consider attending the 2017 MAC in Baltimore. Registration and more information can be found here.

I am so hoping to see many, many more of my East Coast friends and colleagues at MAC in 2017!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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