Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Initiation in Kokomo and Singing in Milwaukee

Wednesday greetings from the sultry Midwest. Lots to catch you all up on today.

I spent last evening at Our Lady of Good Hope parish in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leading WLP's Sing the Seasons Choral Reading Session. There was a fine group of musicians in attendance and it really was "a grand night for singing."

The church space is quite massive, completely in the round. When built, the number of parishioners was much larger than it is today. So they have recently reduced the seating capacity from 1200 to 500, which creates enormous open spaces in the entire church. A few photos.

I would imagine when the place was filled with twice as many pews, there wasn't much room for a large font. With the renovation, this poor font looks a little lost, don't you think?

The new carpeting is quite nice, with an interesting pattern. It is glued solidly to the floor, which helps greatly with the fine acoustics in the building,

Our first piece in the repertoire is Ed Bolduc's There's a Wideness in God's Mercy. Have you heard it?

I stayed in Milwaukee overnight; I had a meeting there at the cathedral this morning. I was able to walk through the Holy Door of Mercy at Saint John the Evangelist Cathedral. Here was my view this morning.

Busy week for me. On Saturday I presented a day-long RCIA workshop for the Diocese of Lafayette; it was held at Saint Joan of Arc parish in Kokomo. I must say that this is probably the most unusual church space I have ever seen. The diocese purchased a defunct insurance company's national headquarters and turned it into a parish church and center. Here's the sign as you drive into the property.

And here is the exterior of the church.

And the gathering area.

Here is the interior worship space, converted from a large meeting room apparently.

Near the organ . . .

It was an interesting place, to say the least. But here is the reason why I was there:

What a wonderful and engaging group of Catholics committed to initiation ministry. I had a blast in Kokomo!

I am here in the office for a few days, then it's off at the end of the week to present a day-long workshop in the Diocese of Portland, Maine, focused on the apprenticeship model of Christian initiation.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Pamela Asbury said...

Thank you for the wonderful workshop you provided for us in Kokomo. I am certainly inspired and excited for the possibilities of helping to make our church community an oasis of mercy and hospitality. You are a great storyteller, and I know the ideas you communicated will sit with me for a long while.

One outcome you may not have considered is that a {weary...} homeschooling mother would come away encouraged and energized by your presentation. Our family is new to the Catholic faith (came into the Church a year ago Easter), and I am always trying to think of ways to root us even more deeply in the faith and church community, all the while still learning myself. The idea of apprenticeship, especially, has fired my imagination and I hope is something I can work out for our family.

God bless!

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Thank you so much for these kind comments, Pamela. I am glad that your imagination was fired up! Peace, and God's blesings. Jerry