Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May choirs of angels . . . Rest in Peace Steven Schaubel

Tuesday greetings from the Midwest.

I spent the last five days visiting with family in New England; my nephew and Godson's graduation-from-college party was held on Saturday, It was good to be with family in that beautiful part of God's creation. While there, I drove by the church in which I received my First Holy Communion and was confirmed "Jeremiah." (Some of you will know the little story behind why I chose "Jeremiah" as my Confirmation name.) Here is a photo I took yesterday of the church's exterior. This is Saint Charles Borromeo in Woburn, Massachusetts.

This morning here at WLP, we received the news of the death of composer Steven Schaubel.

Many of his pieces have appeared in our worship resources for many years. Read his obituary. It is a fine history of and a tribute to a gifted musician and talented composer.

I'll leave you with this. Steven adapted the In Paradisum text to Londonderry Air. When listening to it, please remember Steve and his family in your prayers.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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