Monday, June 6, 2016

Gift Of Life: Wow!

Monday greetings. It's a glorious day here in the Midwest. Thinking about and praying for those in the path of tropical storm Colin.

Because of my own travel schedule over the past many weeks, I have not gone to Mass at my parish, Old Saint Patrick's. So I returned "home" yesterday. The music and the preaching was just so darn good.

What made the preaching good? Confidence of the preacher. Vulnerability of the preacher. Creativity of the preacher. Challenges posed.

What made the music good? Confident leadership. Engaged assembly. I was provided the music for every note I was asked to sing; it was such an uplifting pleasure to sing every note with those around me who were singing with full voices.

As I listened to the scriptures for yesterday's Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, my mind went back thirty years. Thirty years ago, on that same Sunday (it was June 8th that year), I was privileged to be Godfather to one of my many Godchildren at Mass in the parish that day. It was the first time we ever fully immersed a baby; I will never forget it. I was the music and liturgy director at the parish in Florida and had become "adopted" by a family in the parish. I was so homesick for my own family up in Massachusetts. I will always be grateful to the O'Brien family for their kindness, warmth, and love. Their youngest daughter, my Goddaughter Bridie, was baptized that day.

The scriptures recounting the raising to new life of two children inspired me to write a simple song for Bridie's baptism thirty years ago: Gift of Life. The family had this made for me a few weeks later. Yes, I was once that young!

The refrain: "Pour out your gift of life on this child you have chosen; pour out your gift of life that this child may rise to newness of your life."

Interestingly enough, when I posted this on Facebook yesterday, Bridie's sister commented. Bridie is married to an Air Force pilot and they are currently living in Korea. Yesterday, thirty years after Bridie's own baptism on the Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Bridie's and her husband's third child, Michael Patrick, was baptized. Wow!

Gift of Life.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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