Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thank You, Canadian Friends

Tuesday greetings to all.

I spent Sunday and Monday in Newmarket, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. I gave a presentation on Sunday evening at Elizabeth Seton parish. They were expecting 100, set up for 150, and more than 150 people came. That was pretty cool.

Here is an interior photo of the church and a few of the font.

We celebrated Vespers in the church to begin the evening. Boy, do these Canadians sing! And then we gathered in the parish hall for the presentation, entitled "Becoming One Body in Christ."

I enjoyed my time with these wonderful Catholics. Probably more than anywhere else on the planet, I feel so "at home" in Canada. My roots are French-Canadian and there is just something about the genuine hospitality I have always found there that warms my heart. The people in attendance seemed quite engaged as I spoke about baptism as the fundamental sacrament for becoming the people of God, the Body of Christ. I also used the metaphor of "conditioning the body" to talk about the ways that we become, build, and strengthen the Body of Christ.

Thank you, my Canadian friends, old and new.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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