Friday, April 15, 2016

New WLP "Ceremonial Folders" Have Arrived!

Friday greetings from Chicago, where the sun has been shining brightly for three entire days!

We had a long-awaited arrival today here at WLP.

For many years, at various conferences around the country, people have been asking us if we have a particular kind of ceremonial binder for use in their parishes. As you may know, we publish three series of ceremonial binders in three-ring format, and another series that is designed to hold an electronic tablet. The folks at these conferences wanted something much simpler; an attractive folder in which can simply be slipped one or two single sheets, without any rings, so no need for hole-punching.

Well, we listened, we discussed, we decided, and then we designed. And today is the day of arrival. And, I must say, these are gorgeous.

Just snapped some photos for you. All four liturgical colors, plus black.

Here's is what one looks like opened up.

And more of a closeup.

You can see that an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper simply slips into the corners, held in place by the beautiful grosgrain ribbon and fabric. People asked for this particular kind of folder for a variety of uses. One major use was for the lector; the intercessions could be placed on one side and the parish announcements on the other. Deacons asked for this, so that they could have the text for the Penitential Act on one side and the intercessions on the other. Priests and deacons wanted something they could hand to the bride and groom that contained the words of the wedding vows, so that the couple could exchange vows using a beautiful folder, rather than the "repeat after me" approach. Music directors asked if we had something they could slip the music for the psalmist into so that the psalmist held something more dignified and noble for the liturgy.

So glad that we were able to have these designed and manufactured. Look for these "Ceremonial Folders" on our web site. They will be posted there within a few days.

Thanks for listening to my little commercial!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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