Wednesday, March 9, 2016

One in Faith Hymnal: Grateful to Serve

Wednesday greetings from a still Spring-like Chicago.

In the past few days, we received a large order for WLP's new hardbound hymnal, One in Faith. The pastor of the parish told our staff something like this: "Our traditional choir and our contemporary choir met together to review the various options for hardbound hymnals and they came to a collaborative decision for your One in Faith hymnal."

We strive here at WLP to embrace our mission "to serve and inspire the singing, praying, initiating church." When we hear from parishes, like the one that ordered our hymnals, our hearts are lifted with joy. Nearly six years ago, when WLP launched the massive project to publish a hardbound hymnal, we came to a decision pretty early in the process about what this hymnal should be. Our questions? "Should this be a hymnal with more traditional hymnody and chant as its core?" "Should this hymnal move in the direction of more contemporary music?" "What would serve parishes in the best possible way?"

We decided that a hymnal that would serve parishes in the best possible way needed to be one that embraced the diversity of musical styles and expressions found in most Catholic parishes today. Our choice of the title for the hymnal, One in Faith, reflected that decision. And the pastor of the parish that just ordered the hymnal reflected our intention with his words.

We have our ups and downs in Catholic publishing, for sure. This call from the pastor of that parish was certainly one of those "ups" for us here at WLP. It just feels good inside when our intentions end up fulfilling a real parish need.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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