Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Indiana and "Believing That Things Can Change"

Wednesday greetings.

I spent a wonderful weekend in New England with my family. They have a way of putting my life into perspective. So grateful for good news and the opportunity to celebrate it (See last week's post).

On Saturday, before leaving for Boston, I had the privilege of leading a morning of reflection for liturgical ministers at Saint Michael the Archangel Parish in Schererville, Indiana. Here is a photo of the group gathered:

The church was built in the last decade or so. Here are some photos of the interior.

The baptism font is a John Buscemi design. The grate in the floor is opened at Easter when adults are baptized; it reveals the baptismal pool.

More of the interior.

I went to daily Mass with those assembled on Saturday and it was treat to hear the chants from the Roman Missal sung so well.

Just a few minutes ago I was sent the text of Pope Francis' address to the inmates of the Centre for Social Adjustment in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Take a look at this one line:

"Celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy with you means learning not to be prisoners of the past, of yesterday.  It means learning to open the door to the future, to tomorrow; it means believing that things can change.  Celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy with you means inviting you to lift up your heads and to work in order to gain this space of longed-for freedom."

Don't you think these words are as appropriate for you and me as they are for those inmates? Pope Francis sure has a way of cutting through it all and bringing God's mercy right into my own heart.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Deacon Doug Peltak said...

I was struck by your mention of being a prisoner of the past etc. in reference to this weeks gospel in regards to the fig tree. Strikes me as a great thought in terms developing this weeks homily. Thanks.