Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Different Beginning of Lent for Me

Thursday greetings from the frigid Midwest.

This has been quite an unusual ramp-up and beginning of Lent for me in a deeply personal way.

In the spirit of protecting the privacy of my immediate family, I can't get into the whole thing. But over the past five weeks, we were teetering on what looked like a 99% probability of a cancer diagnosis for one of my family members. This has surely been a roller coaster ride of emotions, mixed with sadness, anger, confusion, and deep worry.

Yesterday afternoon, after a call from the oncologist, we were informed that there is no trace of any cancer whatsoever.

I cannot describe the relief and utter joy I felt. I had already booked a flight for Saturday night to visit my family in Massachusetts and now, instead of a weekend of concern, it will be a weekend of celebration, and for that I am so grateful.

But I am also reminded of those who do not receive such good news when going through a diagnosis of any kind, especially revolving around cancer. Too many people close to my heart, including my own family, live with the reality of cancer and its treatments. My heart is close to all of those who suffer in any way.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Denise Morency Gannon said...

Very happy to hear the wonderful news, Jerry. Celebrate life with prayers of thanksgiving. Thank you for your compassionate remembrance of those whom we all know who aren't so fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing in your good news..was with you in New Orleans,.Carol