Friday, December 4, 2015

Take the Time to Notice

It certainly has been a weary week for our weary world. Driving into work in my carpool this morning, one of my colleagues remarked about how all of these mass shootings just make him fearful for his three kids. Not having children myself, I can't imagine how parents must feel when random shootings occur. I would imagine, though, that parents are hugging their kids a lot tighter these days.

As I sat at my desk here a few minutes ago, I was struck by the sunlight piercing our morning fog here in Franklin Park, Illinois. I swiveled in my chair and noticed the way the sunlight was kissing my little Chicago Blackhawks shrine in my office; it was pretty stunning. And I thought, "Why not snap a photo?" Strange how one can find beauty in the oddest places. Just gotta look for it these days.

While we spend time mourning the loss of our brothers and sisters killed in California in the past few days and search for answers amid all this horror, we can't forget that beauty still peeks its head into our lives throughout the day. Take the time to notice.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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mrsd said...

A nice reflection. Reminds me of walking. Ever since walking to school as a child, I would notice light and shadows, flowers and unique architecture. Anything that brightened up the city streets and made them more beautiful. God's wonder in even the dark and dirty places.