Thursday, November 19, 2015

No Choice

It's a bright and sunny, cool day here in Chicago.

There is so much "talk" on social media right now about the closing of our country to Syrian refugees that it is deafening. What did we do in the days before these social media outlets existed, when we were given more than a few seconds to ponder what was going on around us and express our thoughts, feelings, and pronouncements instantly?

So, after these days of turmoil, I thought I had decided to let it all simply rest in me. Just needed some time to let it all settle. Then I realized how Western and selfish that decision would be, because I have a choice to stop thinking about it all. So, I ask myself, what do refugees do when they have had enough of it all? They have no choice. They flee. They flee to safer places for their families. They want to protect their children. They don't want a bomb to destroy what is left of their lives. They don't have a choice. They've gotta keep moving. So, I guess I need to keep pondering, in solidarity with them.

This is difficult, isn't it?

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

I keep thinking about all the people who are fleeing in terror. They are afraid for their lives and the lives of their children. Are they really any different from us?
This is a country of immigrants. None of us, except the American Indians, really belongs here. Why did our ancestors flee to a world they know nothing about?
I ponder that question and I also have to keep thinking about the question that is on the minds of most Americans. What can we do?
I pray for an answer that is not political but guided by the heart.

Mary Kane Mauer said...

I just use as my mantra, "No room at the inn" and the solution becomes crystal clear.