Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fonts and Mercy Resources

Tuesday greetings on this crisp autumn day in the Midwest.

On Saturday, a wonderful group of dedicated parishioners from the tri-parish cluster in West Allis, Wisconsin, gathered for a retreat day focused on Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. It was held at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, which has a substantial baptism font. I snapped a few photos while there.

As soon as I saw the two steps going down into the font and the two steps leading out of the font toward the altar, I thought immediately of the two fonts in Ephesus I had seen only a few weeks earlier. Note the similarities. First the font from the Basilica of Saint John.

And the font from the Church of Mary.

While at FDLC last week, several diocesan worship office directors asked me about our resources for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Lo and behold, samples arrived today and will be ready for shipment to dioceses and parishes within the next week.

The first is a resource for the home, in Spanish and in English, Celebrating the Year of Mercy: Our Jubilee Journey. 

These booklets contain background material about the Year of Mercy, the Prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee, Mercy Prayers for Pre-Schoolers, Grade-School Children, and Young People. There is a recipe a family can use to make "Happy Heart Cookies." There is also a description of the designation of a family "Mercy Bank" in the home, with suggested donations to the bank (from five to twenty-five cents) for each work of mercy done during the jubilee year. Mercy Prayers, with suggested scripture readings are also included, one for the start of the day and one for the end of the day. A nice explanation and description of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy contain suggestions for each work. There are "ponderings" for each day of the week, a Litany, and a meal prayer. Finally, on the back of each booklet are instructions for downloading music to inspire the household during the Year of Mercy; this is a special collection we have put together from among WLP's fine "mercy" pieces. This is an excellent resource for the home, for families to make the journey through the jubilee year.

Also arriving today was Week by Week through the Year of Mercy, which contains English and Spanish texts for each week of the jubilee year. These are all contained on the enclosed CD-ROM as well for easy download into parish bulletins or various take home materials for the year.

I hope you take the time to examine these fine materials as December 8 quickly approaches.

Thanks for listening.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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