Friday, August 7, 2015

Create This Sign

Friday greetings from a still sunny and warm Midwest.

Mike Novak, one of my colleagues here at WLP and J.S. Paluch took this photo this morning on his way to work. This parish is on a very busy street, just around the corner from our offices.

And it was just yesterday that I wrote this on the blog: "My hunch is that in most RCIA processes in North America, we place too great an emphasis on teaching Catholic doctrine and much less emphasis, if any at all formally, in actually introducing seekers to Jesus Christ and cultivating that new and burgeoning relationship."

What this sign says is that by going to classes one can become Catholic. It's all about teaching. Most schools open for the school year in September and, for this parish, "classes to become Catholic" open in September as well.

The Second Vatican Council's Ad Gentes 14: 

        The catechumenate is not a mere exposition of dogmatic truths and norms of morality, but a period of formation in the whole Christian life, an apprenticeship of sufficient duration, during which the disciples will be joined to Christ their teacher. The catechumens should be properly initiated into the mystery of salvation and the practice of the evangelical virtues, and they should be introduced into the life of faith, liturgy and charity of the People of God by successive sacred rites.

I guess I could sit here and moan and groan about this misdirection, or, perhaps even better, misunderstanding of what the catechumenate is. Instead, I'd like to invite you to come up with your own phrase for what you would put on that sign instead. Looks like the sign could fit eight words. What words would you choose?

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Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Paula Penepent said...

Catholic Christians in training...Inquire

Andy Varga said...

Ask us how to fall in love with Jesus!

A person does not take "classes" about another person in order to "get married." A relationship of lifelong love and commitment is built day by day by spending time with the beloved and the beloved's family. Let's get the process out of our heads and into our hearts!

Benjamin Story said...

Got questions? We can help.

Unknown said...

I really like the way that they do RCIA at Old Saint Pat's in Chicago. There, it does not feel like a class. I went through it as a sponsor (they have the sponsors come to the sessions as well) and I found the experience to be very beneficial.

Jennifer Budziak said...

As long as our children go through classes as a requirement for their initiation, I doubt if adult initiation will have much of a chance to be perceived differently.


"Becoming Catholic is a journey--come walk it with us!"

Maybe? Hmm...

Matthew Clark said...

Come in. We are prayer conditioned.

Chris said...

What are you looking for? Come and see.

Robyn Dolan said...

Meet Jesus here in September!