Thursday, July 30, 2015

Never Too Late, I Guess

Thursday greetings on this warm summer day in the Midwest.

Please pardon the fact that I haven't posted since my "WOWed" post on Monday.

So, when I went to Mass on Sunday at Old Saint Patrick's here in Chicago, I decided to more actively seek the presence of Christ at Mass.Gosh, this is something I have been "training the trainers" to do for many years; training those who train RCIA ministers how to allow the liturgy to catechize; how to instill in people a sense that the Lord is actively seeking them out when we gather for Sunday Mass; how to become people with "mystagogical minds and hearts," open to that presence.

And so, there I sat and knelt and stood and sang and prayed and listened. And "my friend," the Lord Jesus became most present to me in the proclamation of the Gospel and in the preaching of our pastor, Fr. Tom Hurley. I stood there during the Gospel of the feeding of the five thousand, grasping the fact that the Lord Jesus has multiplied what little I feel I have in this life five thousand-fold. Even tired from all his preaching and teaching and healing, "my friend" had the time to continue to teach through his actions. He taught his disciples (and me) that even when we are tired from it all, we are still given all we need to continue to make a difference in our little worlds. At the conclusion of the homily the cantor very serenely sang a few verses of Liam Lawton's The Cloud's Veil. The words that kept resounding in my mind and heart were "You are by my side, You are by my side."

Frankly, as the week has unfolded, I find that presence waning as the pressures of my job and life come crashing in at times. And that's when I realized again how much I need Sunday Mass, how much I need that community of believers to help me to actively seek out and find "my friend" again and nurture that ongoing relationship.

At 57, I am just discovering this? What the heck is going on? I guess it's just never too late.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Maureen Grisanti Larison said...

No, thanks be to God, it is never too late! Thanks for sharing your experience, Jerry. It is amazing how often we need to be reminded of the things we teach others,even when we think we are doing them ourselves. I had similar experiences last weekend, both at a day of renewal and at my parish Mass, and am grateful to be aware of all that I have yet to absorb. Let's hear it for lifelong mystagogia!

Robyn Dolan said...

Jerry, I think we keep re-learning it. Maybe because we continually get caught up in life. Just another reason we need Mass and community.

Mary Kane Mauer said...

Jerry, thanx for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable as you share your experiences. I will be eighty in December and am delighted to say I continue to be surprised by my Friend even though I have been in lay ministry now for 35 years. Most often it takes place in the midst of the senses fidelis, sometimes during the liturgy but also in the secular world when I experience those "Winks" from God that remind me how much I am loved.