Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Living the Word: A Yearly Treasure

Tuesday greetings from Chicago; there is a haze settling over this part of the Midwest, apparently caused by the smoke emanating from wildfires in Canada.

While in Baton Rouge over the weekend, I led a "breaking open the word" session with four of the participants. Since this is not something I do regularly, I needed some help in my preparations. I turned to one of WLP's resources to help prepare for the session.

Living the Word is a book that brings the reader through the Sundays and Solemnities of the Church year. All three scripture readings for each day are included, followed by a short and accessible exegetical section "Understanding the Word." The current year's "Understanding the Word" section is written by Sr. Laurie Brink, O.P, Ph.D, who is an associate professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union here in Chicago and the "Reflecting on the Word" section is by Deacon Frederick Bauerschmidt. For the 2015-16 edition, Sr. Laurie is joined by Fr. Paul Colloton, OSFS, D.Min. A series of questions is then posed to those reflecting on the word. Each Sunday or Solemnity's entry concludes with "Living and Praying with the Word." Each year, the material is freshly written. This is one of WLP's greatest and most helpful resources for the Church.

I have been perusing a proof of next year's book and am really delighted - and challenged - by the fine writing.

We had enough copies of the current year's edition in our warehouse here in Franklin Park, so I was able to give a free copy to everyone who attended the "RCIA Days" in Baton Rouge. I loved watching the delight on the faces of these initiation ministers as they scanned the book. "Wow, this is going to be really helpful for me as I prepare to share the word with my catechumens and candidates. I've never heard of it." Of course, the "I never heard of it" is what prompted me to share this post with you today. This book is simply a yearly treasure, perfect for these sessions with catechumens and candidates, for small Christian communities, for individual reflection, really for everyone looking to enrich their lives with the sacred Word of God.

Thanks for listening.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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