Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back from Baltimore with "A Bang!"

Mardis Gras greetings to one and all.

What a week this has been. Last Wednesday morning I left for Baltimore, to help with our WLP exhibit and to present two workshops at the Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership.

Here is a photo of our booth set-up there:

And our staff from WLP and J.S. Paluch:

You'll notice Brother Mickey McGrath in the photo above. Here's a "selfie" of Mickey and me.

Mickey and Fr. Jim Martin, along with WLP singers John Angotti, Meredith Augustin, and Clifford Petty, under the capable musical leadership of Stephen Lay, presented an evening session on Friday night focused on the love and mercy shown forth from Pope Francis. It was a wonderful night of art, music, humor, and pastoral theology, all wrapped into one. Those in attendance seemed delighted by this group of talented people. Here's a photo of Mickey and Jim signing their books:

Can't say enough about Brother Mickey's new book with WLP, Dear Young People. It was flying off the shelves in Baltimore.

And the new news is that it is now available in e-book format:

My trip to Baltimore ended on Sunday morning with "a bang," so to speak. You may have heard of a massive pile up here in Chicago on Sunday morning on the Kennedy Expressway. Well, I was in that mess, having taken a cab from O'Hare to my home downtown. Thank God no one was seriously injured, but it was a bit harrowing to say the least. The first of the spin outs occurred several hundred feet in front of the cab in which I was riding. We plowed into a van in front of us, then we were hit from behind by a sedan, which set up the chain reaction. By the way, when I got in the cab at O'Hare, the seat belt was not working, so I complained to the driver. Since the cab was a van, he told me to go into the "way back seat," which, thankfully, I did, and buckled up. "Always buckle up!!!"

Still a little sore, but thankful not to have been hurt.

So, that's my story on this Mardis Gras 2015. I hope yours is a day filled with food and festivity. I know that ours will be here at World Library Publications.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Fran said...

Jerry, it was great to see you and to be able to spend a little time together. MAC was great, and that event evening was unbelievable.

Sorry about your travel adventures, I'm glad to hear you are OK. I too had some delays, but no excitement like your own. Glad you buckled up!

Peace and prayers to you!