Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Shepherd

Wednesday greetings from the still-cold Midwest.

I was not able to physically attend nor virtually attend yesterday's installation of Archbishop Blase Cupich here in Chicago, so this morning I spent time reading his homily.

Here is a brief snippet, which I found to be consistent with my musings yesterday:

"The authenticity that comes in making our own baptismal calling the starting point for all we do is also demanded of me as your archbishop . . ."
It is all about baptism for Archbishop Cupich, who echoes the sentiments of Saint John XXIII, which I mentioned yesterday.
In preaching on the Gospel account of Jesus walking on the water, Archbishop Cupich conluded with these words, which brought me both a sense of comfort and a deep challenge:
"Finally, Jesus gets into the boat. I have always thought that it took more courage for Jesus to get into that boat with those disciples than for Peter to get out of it to walk on water. There was fear, doubt, jealousy even anger in that boat – a lot of unresolved conflicts as a therapist might say.

But, it is in the incomplete, the in-between and in the brokenness of our lives where Jesus comes to share his life in the Father with us. His coming to be with us, his communion with us is not for the perfect, but is for the salvation of souls, for the lost, the forlorn, and those who are adrift. His communion is not just a quick visit, but he wants to be with us to the point of making our lives the dwelling place, the home where he and the Father abide. After going to the mountain to pray, to be with his Father, he comes into our messy lives with his Father in hand, to share our lives where we are.

It is that grace of the indwelling of the Spirit, the love of the Father and the Son, which has always been the source of real, ongoing and sustainable conversion. It is the grace of mercy, totally undeserved and unearned, that brings about real lasting change and transformation and gives life."

Such a message of hope from my shepherd. Such words of challenge from my shepherd.

Just don't let the job diminish your zeal, my shepherd.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Andy Varga said...

Beautiful Jerry... thanks for sharing. God grant your new shepherd many and happy years!

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Thanks, Andy. Praying hard for Cardinal George, Archbishop Cupich, and our Archdiocese. Jerry