Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ann in Atlanta and Peter in Geneva

Thursday greetings from the soggy and dreary Midwest.

While in Orlando and Atlanta last week, the travel and traveling with the traveling public finally caught up with me. Suffering still with a pretty severe cold for the last week. But I am slowly on the mend.

Following the International Catholic Stewardship Council in Orlando, I flew to Atlanta to present a session on "Rebuilding the RCIA." It was held at Saint Ann parish in Marietta, where WLP's own Ed Bolduc is the music and liturgy director. Here is a photo of the exterior of this beautiful church.

And the interior.

And the baptism font (of course!).

Over the holiday weekend, I went to Sunday Mass in the Rockford Diocese, at Saint Peter in Geneva, Illinois.

Here is a photo I took of the parish lawn; wasn't quite sure what was going on. Then, after Mass I read the sign that said that for Respect Life Month, the parish places 3,650 white crosses on the lawn to remember the 3,650 babies that die due to abortion each day in the United States.

The church was quite full for Sunday Mass. I know I am sounding like a broken record, but there was no attempt made to let the assembly know where to find the sung parts of the Mass. Very, very frustrating. The choir was quite good, as was the cantor. The congregational singing could have been stronger.

Here is a photo of the interior.

The tabernacle is unusually prominent in this space. It certainly seemed like it was added after the church was built. It is its own little building resting atop a long railing of some sort. The choir area and music space is behind it. The chamber behind the crucifix houses the organ pipes.

The statuary is quite lovely, placed amidst the assembly's space.

Parishes should be alert to how a utilitarian placement of a candle-lighter can absolutely ruin the aesthetic, however:

Did you notice it in the first photo of the statue?

The font is in a central location in the space, in the center aisle.

I think the design must work well for daily Mass. There is a "side altar" in the back, with chairs that can be moved to face it for daily Mass.

On Monday, I flew to Houston with our Marketing Director, Jennifer Odegard. We attended and took part in the planning meeting for the NPM convention scheduled to take place there in 2016. Here is a photo I took of Monsignor Rick Hilgartner, NPM's new president, as he led the deliberations.

Despite being sick with this darn cold, life has been busy for this blogger. I am leaving tomorrow for Newport News, Virgina, where I will be leading sessions for faith formation ministers for the Diocese of Richmond. Please pray for healing for this humble servant!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Anonymous said...

I like the circular seating arrangement of the parish in Rockford. From your post and the photos, I became curious about the style of the liturgical music at this parish. Was it traditional with an organ, or more contemporary, perhaps with a piano and/or guitar?