Monday, September 8, 2014

Gearing Up: Sing the Seasons in the Big Apple

Monday greetings from New York City. I flew here this morning. Rehearsed with the wonderful Meredith Augustin here at the parish she serves, Saint Francis of Assisi, right here in Herald Square. We will be presenting WLP's Sing the Seasons choral reading session tonight; over 100 musicians have registered; should be "a grand night for singing!"

I completed a 45-mile bike ride yesterday, so I hope my stamina holds up tonight for two hours of singing.

There will be several musicians here whom I met at the Liturgical Music Institute at Immaculate Conception Seminary on Long Island in July. Kind of a reunion tonight for all of us; the plan is to go out to dinner after the session; I have to keep remembering that this is the "city that never sleeps." Unfortunately, I am not the "guy who never sleeps!" Should be a wonderful time.

Took a walk after the rehearsal this afternoon. No photo of a baptism font this time; just this amazing building.

I will try my best to take some photos tonight. Home to Chicago tomorrow.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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