Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day of Mourning, Remembrance, and Prayer

Thursday greetings from the cloudy and cool Midwest.

We are in mourning today at J.S. Paluch and World Library Publications. Our Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Janice Pacilio, died late Tuesday night after a long and hard battle with cancer. Please keep Janice's parents, family, friends, and colleagues here in your prayers.

Janice, may the angels lead you into paradise.

On this anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I once again will share with you the prayer I wrote when we gathered our employees together on that horrible day in 2001.

Let us pray.

O God of mercy and forgiveness,
We stand before you in pain, in fear, and in grief.
We know you desire good for your people,
which is why we are stunned when we face terror of today's magnitude.
We cry out to you with the word that we share with one another:

In our fear and doubt, we still turn to you,
O God, and ask your presence.

Welcome those who were killed today
into your loving embrace.
Give them eternal peace.

Comfort the families of those who lost loved ones.
Give them strength.

Be with those who have suffered pain.
Heal them.

Guide those who care for the injured.
Be their strength.

Lead our country through this grief.
Comfort us.

Bring justice to those responsible for this terror.

And Almighty God,
we pray that you do not abandon your people
in their time of need.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.              

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