Friday, August 1, 2014

Women and Young Adults: Signs of Stability and Hope

Friday evening greetings to all from high above the ground once again. Headed back to Chicago after three days in California.

I took some photos of the two churches where the RCIA and Parish Bulletin seminars were held; at a Claretian parish, Saint Anthony Claret in Fresno, and at Holy Family Parish in San Jose. I can't access those photos on my iPad here in the air (will figure out how to do that at some point!) I will share those with you when I return to the office on Monday.

The more I travel and get to see the Church throughout North America, the more I am inspired by the dedication of so many who really keep our parishes running on a day to day basis. Frankly, those in attendance at our seminars in the past several months have been, I would say, 85% women. These are, for the most part, cheerful and dedicated Catholic women who share their Catholic faith in so many ways. I have found them generally to be inspired deeply by Pope Francis. Both at this morning's session and at yesterday's there were some young adults in attendance who assist with Christian initiation in their parishes. Of the four under twenty-five, two were men, two were women. Gave me a shot of hope!

Looking forward to getting home tonight; I land at approximately 11:15 in Chicago, about an hour and a half from now.

I continue to pray for peace, which seems more elusive by the day in our weary world. That will be my prayer as I enter the weekend.

I hope that wherever you are, you know peace in your own heart.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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