Thursday, August 28, 2014

Picnic and Press Check

How did it become Thursday already?

I made a business trip to Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday, then lots of catching up yesterday here at the office. Today was our annual J.S. Paluch/World Library Publications picnic in the parking lot. The senior managers of the company (I am included in that auspicious group) grill hamburgers, Italian sausage, chicken, and Polish sausage. My duties today including the grilling of those Polish sausages. Thank the Lord the weather cooperated, with the temps remaining in the 70s. But I reek of barbecue smoke and grilled sausage. But it was a wonderful day for all our employees here. We even arranged to have an ice cream truck in the parking lot, with that insipid ice cream truck music playing . . . and playing . . . and playing . . .

But I thought the ice cream truck's web site was interesting!

Believe it or not, no travel for me this weekend. I am going to try to enjoy a 45 mile bike ride on Saturday morning. I am training to bike a metric century later in September.

The real excitement for me happens next week when I will visit the printing plant that is printing WLP's new One in Faith hardbound hymnal. I am going for what is called a "press check," to make sure that all is well and that the quality of the printing is top notch. And it doesn't hurt that the printer is just a few miles from where my parents live in Massachusetts, so I hope to get some good family time in while in New England.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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