Friday, July 25, 2014

We Celebrate Has Arrived!

Friday greetings to all.

WLP's 2014-2017 editions of the We Celebrate Hymnal are now in our warehouse. I have always wanted to see what this hymnal looked like in a deep red with gold foil. Our team here at WLP decided on those colors for this upcoming hymnal. Well, it is simply beautiful:

The We Celebrate worship resource program pairs a three-year hymnal with our We Celebrate missalette. The hymnal can also be ordered by itself for a three-year subscription. You can find the hymn index here. The hymnal contains the musical settings of the Mass that have risen to the top in popularity in parishes here in the United States: Mass of Wisdom, Mass of Saint Ann, Mass for Our Lady, Mass of Redemption, Missa Simplex, among many others such as Praise and Thanksgiving Mass and the People's Mass. For parishes that are J.S. Paluch bulletin subscribers, there is the possibility of using WLP credits that may be a part of your bulletin agreement toward the price of the subscription. Adding the We Celebrate hymnal to whatever is currently in your pews will bring you the music of Steven Warner, John Angotti, James Marchionda, Paul Tate, and Ed Bolduc, as well as favorite hymns and songs from other publishers such as Hope, GIA, and OCP. Also included are many of Christoph Tietze's Introit Hymns, as well as Charles Thatcher's chants for Communion. This is simply a fine three-year hymnal. Contact WLP Customer Care at 1-800-566-6150 or email us at to order a sample!

Thanks for listening to that commercial. Ever wonder what several hundred thousand We Celebrate hymnals look like in a warehouse being prepared for shipment?

On a completely different note, I don't know about you, but my heart is aching for those wounded and killed in the Middle East and their loved ones as the conflict escalates. I thought this morning: What is it like to live in constant fear? What is it like to wonder if your children are safe from one second to the next? Does this kind of fear lead to a deeper hatred or can it lead to an inner longing for resolution and peace? The more I read about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its history, the more I come to the conclusion that it may be years or decades more before a resolution is reached. And all of this in the holiest of places on our planet. Prayers continuing.

I hope that your weekend is one that is filled with grace and that our world will one day know the fulfillment of the promise of peace.

Gotta sing. Gotta Pray.

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Tom Strickland said...

Wow! I'd never seen them all lined up that way before. Hope we didn't make any mistakes!