Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Insanity:" Trying to Figure Out What to Do

Wednesday greetings from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. I am giving an RCIA presentation here on Friday.

Thanks for your comments on my previous post about the canonization rush. I was surprised at how many people with whom I work told me that they had been thinking similar things.

"Insanity." Over the past several days, this word has been used in the media to describe the horribly botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma, as well as the alleged murder here in Chicago of a fourteen year old girl, Endia Martin, by a fourteen year old girl friend of hers, apparently over a dispute about a boy they both liked. It saddens me deeply that people who breathe the same air that I do, who eat food to nourish their bodies like I do, who have the capacity to love, somehow turn to violence and murder to end a human life, whether sanctioned by the state or not. As a member of the human family, my sadness is mixed with outrage.

Last night, while getting my hair cut, the news report about Endia's murder played over the sound system in the barber shop. The woman who was cutting my hair simply said that she could not understand how this could happen: "That was not the way I was brought up; that's not the way anyone should be brought up."

As these "insane" events fill the news, I can't help but think of Pope Francis' call to Catholics to reach out to those in need; to reach out to the poor and marginalized; not to sit in our churches and only pray for them, but to do something. I want to do something but I feel so paralyzed in a city that seems to care more for the cultivation of the flowers on Michigan Avenue and the flower boxes that adorn the windows of City Hall,

than for protecting its citizens.

I agree that this is insanity. We, as Catholics, need to do more to abolish the death penalty. We, as Catholics, need to heed the Gospel's call to bring peace to our world. I just seem stuck with only praying for all of this right now. I need to figure out what to do.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Robert Noble said...

It saddens and sickens many of us here in Oklahoma that this took place. I wonder what would happen if states stopped killing people under the guise of justice. "A life for a life" doesn't seem to be working very well.
May all effected by these terrible events find peace and hope in Jesus and in his glorious resurrection!

Mary Kane Mauer said...

The proliferation of guns in this country could be stopped by our citizens if they became less concerned about "protecting themselves" and more concerned about the increased numbers of deaths of our children shot & killed in this nation.