Monday, March 31, 2014

What Are We Begging for This Lent?

Yesterday's Gospel of the healing of the man who had been born blind is one that always touches me deeply.

The homilist at the Mass I attended, reflecting on this man "who used to sit and beg," asked us all this question: "What are you begging for this Lent?"

That question has haunted me since yesterday.

And I think, with Pope Francis' words in today's Angelus reflection in Vatican City, I am coming close to answering that question:

“At times our life is sometimes similar to that of the blind man who opens up to the light of God and His grace. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is rather like that of the doctors of law. From the heights of our pride we judge others, even the Lord. Today, we are invited to open ourselves to Christ's light, so that our lives might bear fruit; to eliminate our behaviour that is not Christian; we are all Christians, but we all at times behave in ways which are not Christian, which are sins. We must repent of this, and eliminate these forms of behaviour … to behave like 'children of light', with humility, patience and mercy. … Those doctors of the law had neither humility, nor patience, nor mercy. … We must not be afraid! Let us open ourselves to the light of the Lord, He Who always awaits us, to let us see better, to offer us more light, to forgive us … so we can be reborn to a new life”.

What am I begging for this Lent? Humility, patience, and mercy.

What are you begging for this Lent?

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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