Thursday, March 13, 2014

California "Winter"

Thursday morning greetings from Anaheim, California. Here, of course, for the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. Over the next four days, tens of thousands of Catholics will gather here for days of prayer and formation. On this anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, it will be interesting to see how this papacy has begun to re-shape the lives and ministries of the Catholics gathered here.

WLP's Noelle Garcia composed the theme song for today's youth day gathering and our own John Angotti composed the theme song for Congress, which begins tomorrow morning. Please check out WLP's home page for more information about these songs.

I will take some photos over the next days for you. We begin in a few minutes with our staff breakfast, followed by at least five hours of set up time of our booth in the massive convention center exhibit hall.

After all my lament about Chicago's winter, just needed you to know that I got to spend a few hours sitting outside yesterday in the sunny 78 degree Southern California "winter!"

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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