Monday, March 3, 2014

Back from MAC

Monday morning greetings from Chicago where, you guessed it, it is snowing; just a little "lake effect." Glad to be here, however, as I understand Baltimore, where I was the latter part of last week, is getting quite a bit of snow.

So sorry not to have posted more last week during the Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership (MAC). Days and nights were filled with lots of activity for us. It was a marvelous conference. As many said, "It's all about Pope Francis!" Many of the talks that folks attended focused on what the pope has been saying and doing in the last several months. Here is a photo of the Mass, which was celebrated by Archbishop Lori and concelebrated by many other bishops and priests. Archbishop Lori concluded his homily with an extensive quote from Pope Francis' Evangelium Gaudium.

WLP sponsored four speakers: Mary Birmingham, John Angotti, Brother Mickey McGrath, and me. Here are a few photos of our booth:

I presented a talk focused on WLP's Believe, Celebrate, Live the Eucharist, the program for liturgical catechesis written by the staff of Saint James Cathedral in Seattle. Having celebrated Mass there a few weekends ago, I was able to tell the participants of my first-hand experience of liturgy celebrated so well.

Well, it's "back in the saddle" here at WLP, where we are gearing up to leave next week for sunny (hopefully) southern California and the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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