Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Three Weekends in Three Cathedrals

Tuesday morning greetings from here in Franklin Park, IL.

It was a nice long holiday weekend for us here at WLP. I was grateful for yesterday's day off, because we received up to eight inches of new snow.

Here is a shot of the courtyard at my home this morning:

And when I arrived at work, I was greeted by a parking lot that is beginning to look like a bowl surrounded by snow:

These snow piles are easily over eight feet tall! And when I reached my office, well, you know the drill:

Beautiful sunshine and some melting occurring now, thank goodness.

On Sunday, I attended Mass at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.

 Last weekend, I was at Saint James Cathedral in Seattle.

And the weekend before that, I was at Saint John's Cathedral in Milwaukee.

Each space is quite unique and beautiful, each in its own way.

As far as music goes, each cathedral offered an order of service to the members of the congregation, so it was easy to find hymns and acclamations. I would rate the singing in all three cathedrals as quite good. I am not used to what occurred at Holy Name here in Chicago on Sunday. The choir sang the Gloria and Sanctus by themselves. It was quite beautifully done, actually quite exquisite, but I really missed being able to sing these parts of the Mass. I know that this is clearly allowed in our Church's documentation; just seemed like I was more of a spectator at a concert than a member of a participating assembly. Kudos, however, to the musicians at each of these wonderful cathedrals. The baptism fonts at both Milwaukee's and Seattle's cathedrals are stunning, each fashioned to enable the immersion of adults and children for the sacrament. A substantial font is notably missing at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.

Who knows, maybe next week I will find myself at yet another cathedral in the area!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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