Monday, August 26, 2013

Busy Weekend and Busy Monday

Monday greetings from Chicago. After a busy weekend, which included a 37-mile bike ride and attending two street festivals (Taste of Greektown and Festa Italiana), the week here at the office opens with lots of activity.

I received an "On Call Jury Summons" a few weeks ago and had to call in last night to see if I was needed for the pool. I was grateful that they only needed people whose last names begin with the letters "I" through "S." I am grateful also to the team here at WLP for covering for me today, even though I am in the office. We have a webinar this morning for our J.S. Paluch Parish Consultants, a team of dedicated professionals who serve the needs of parishes across the country. Mary Beth Kunde-Anderson and Mike Novak are leading that webinar: "WLP: Serving the Needs of the Singing Church." Then this afternoon we are presenting our Chicago version of "WLP Sing the Seasons" choral reading session. Mary Beth is on again, with Alan Hommerding teaming up with her to present a great selection of choral music. Should be a great day.

Many of you know that I enjoy tending the flowers and plants in my flowerboxes on my balcony here in Chicago. The balcony overlooks a wooded courtyward, which is the outdoor area of Carmichael's Steakhouse. This lovely outdoor area is used for various functions throughout the summer months. It is a delight when a great band is playing at a reception out there; free entertainment! Well Saturday was a bit of a different story. I sat out there smiling and blocking my ears at the same time. Turn your volume down if you do not want others wondering what you are listening to!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


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