Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Hard-bound Hymnal on the Horizon for WLP

Tuesday greetings to all.

Well, let me tell you, these are exciting times here at World Library Publications. Several years ago, when discussing our publishing plans with respect to the new English translation of The Roman Missal, we made some key decisions. One of those decisions had to do with whether or not WLP would publish a new hard-bound hymnal to coincide with the release of the new translation.

We debated this for many months. Our decision was not to publish a new hardbound hymnal. We decided that we would wait for the new translation to settle in for a bit. We didn't want to publish musical settings of the Mass until we knew which settings people really liked and were working well in parishes. In other words, we didn't want a parish to purchase a hymnal with settings that had not yet been tried and proven to be excellent in the parish.  In other, other words, we didn't want people paying for a hymnal that had settings that would never be used; that would have been an unwise move in our estimation.

Well, I am here to tell you that we have made the decision to publish a hard-bound hymnal. It will not be a new edition of the People's Mass Book. It will be a larger hymnal, with close to nine hundred titles, many of which (of course) are the hymns, songs, Mass settings, and acclamations that people have grown to known and love from the World Library treasury that has been building over the years. Of course, there will be lots of other wonderful hymns and songs (of many musical styles and genres) from other publishers and from the public domain as well.

To say that we are excited is an understatement. I don't want to sound like we are patting ourselves on the back here, but we have award-winning (Annual Paul Revere Awards from the Music Publishers Association) music engravers on our staff. We have designers and artists who have won numerous awards from The Catholic Press Association and the Association of Catholic Publishers, to name a few. And, of course WLP's edition of The Roman Missal won top awards from all three of the organizations just mentioned. Add to that a wonderful group of dedicated composers and you can see why we are so excited.

We are heavily into the repertoire selection process right now and with every meeting, the excitement grows.

Soon we will have a title and a design for the hymnal; and you will be among the first to know about it!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Rev, Gene Vavrick said...


Please be sure to include Steve Warner's setting of the Mass acclamations: "Mass of Our Lady"!
It is working wonderfully here in New Jersey!

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Thanks, Fr. Gene. Mass for Our Lady will definitely be in the new hymnal!

Beth Pugliese said...

Mass of Saint Ann. Started it in June and they are singing it well already! This is the 2nd parish I've introduced this setting.

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Hello Beth,
Great to hear from you. Mass of Saint Ann will be a definite; among my favorites!

Kathleen Basi said...

Another "for what it's worth"--we've had good luck with Mass of Wisdom.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

I hope it will include the beautiful "Missa Simplex" of Proulx-O'Connor!

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

Chris Ferraro said...

Congratulations. I am sure it will be great. Look forward to seeing it.