Friday, June 21, 2013

Many Languages One Voice

My apologies for not having posted over the past few days.

On Wednesday I flew to Orlando, Florida, to speak at the Diocese's Liturgical Conference. The schedule is quite packed for me: three workshops, a WLP music showcase, setting up and "manning" the WLP booth of resources.

I feel badly that I have no time to visit family and friends here, but this schedule just won't allow it.

The theme of the conference is "Many Languages One Voice." Major speakers are Dr. Steve Janco and Fr. Paul Turner, as well as Fr. Mark Francis. My workshops: Conversion and the RCIA, Mystagogy: The Fifty Days of Joy, and Mystagogical Catechesis and the Formation of Young Catholics.

Just felt the need to check in with you and thank you for following Gotta Sing Gotta Pray. And greetings from Central Florida; 90's every day, lots of humidity and daily thunderstorms are the rule of the days here!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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