Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making Music in Texas

Wednesday greetings from the state of Texas.

I am here helping lead the music and prayer for a Catholic healthcare system's annual leadership conference. I am working with another musician who has organized a choir and our first rehearsal today went quite well. So it should be a good few days here.

People often ask me questions like "What church to you play at?" or "Do you have a regular church gig?" or "Are you the musician at your parish?"

I answer all of these questions now with a "no." I was a full-time music and liturgy director from 1984 through 1999. I occasionally substitute in my own parish, but that may only happen once every two years. Being here and practicing some challenging pieces to accompany the choir and having that sense of satisfaction when a group of singers simply creates a beautiful sound makes me miss those music-making days.

I often tell people that my dream retirement is returning to a small parish with a nice little choir and a few weekend Masses and the occasional funeral or wedding. I do miss playing and thank the Lord that I still have my chops. Perhaps what I miss most is the community that choirs form. And what I miss the least is the evening meetings!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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PatGLex said...

I will admit that one of the closest, kindest communities I am involved in is our church choir. We have an odd system, in that the complete choir really only comes together for practice and for special occasions, like super-feastdays (Christmas / Easter Vigil) and even they we don't all participate for one reason or another, but most do. Each of our 4 Sunday masses has a different group; our "base music" is the same but each picks out its own prelude and preparation of the gifts music from a prepared list. And members are welcome to switch off to a different Mass if they can't make their usual one. And as far as I know we're the only parish in our diocese that actually sings and practices through the summer; no "vacation" for us. I think that our commitment of time and talent makes us a very connected group within the parish. I enjoy singing with these people.