Monday, April 22, 2013

Verona and Baptistery in Parma

Monday morning greetings from Modena, here in northern Italy.

Arrived here in Europe early Friday morning and have since stayed in Merano and Verona. Yesterday, I attended Mass in Latin at the beautiful Duomo (cathedral) in Verona, then arrived here in Modena. The duomo in Verona is spectacular; just happened to be novus ordo Mass in Latin at 9:30.

Here is the Duomo's courtyard and chancery grounds before Mass:

The men's choir sang the Gloria, as we all sat, at Mass:

And yesterday afternoon I began in earnest the work I have planned for this vacation: to scope out baptisteries and fonts in the hopes of leading a pilgrimage here in late 2014. The freestanding baptistery at Parma is a magnificent building, with an interior that will take your breath away. Imagine emerging from the waters of this octagonal font and looking up and around you, just seconds after having become an adopted child of God:

That's it for now so much more to share, but I need to get moving: Bologna and Cremona today. Feelin very blessed to be here.

Gotta sing Gotta Pray.

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