Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Baptisteries: Pisa and Siena

Tuesday morning greetings from Siena.

Yesterday traveled to Pisa.It is a huge tourist destination, more so than anywhere on this trip thus far.

Here is a video showing the two doors; of the baptistery and of the cathedral. This would have been the journey taken by the newly baptized from the baptistery to the church.

The baptistery itself is a "must see" for anyone interested in baptisteries. It is enormous. There is a gallery about half way up that affords a great view of the font, ambo, and floor below.

Every half hour, a local tour guide stands next to the font and begins to sing. The reverberation in the space is quite long, so the guide sings different pitches, which linger to form chords. Here you go:

I am still trying to decide, of all the baptisteries I have seen here in the last ten days, which is my favorite. And the baptistery here in Siena is certainly in contention for number one.

The frescoes on the ceiling are a major reason why. There are twelve sections, each depicting an article of faith expressed in the creed.

And if one looks closely enough, one can see that in each scene there is a person in a white garment, kneeling, and examining the scene, gazing at the article of faith expressed in the art. And there is written, like one of those "balloons" in comic strips, next to the mouth of the kneeling figure in white, one word: "CREDO." It was stunning.

Another view:

It is difficult to leave Siena. Last night, this was the view from the table outside at a cafe along the Piazza del Campo.

Next stop: Ravenna. Again, this is a place I have looked forward to visiting for many years. There are two significant baptisteries there; one is an Arian baptistery.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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catholic traveller said...

Catching up with your Baptistery postings today. Just love the concert in the Duomo in Sienna! What wonderful musical venues those old buildings are - for the right type of music.