Monday, March 4, 2013

The Mission Here and the Potential "Mission" Home and to the East Coast

Monday morning greetings from Ontario.

The parish mission at Holy Family Parish in Bolton began last night, with a focus on the power and potential of the sacrament of baptism. It's always wonderful to be here in the Toronto area. When doing presentations on Baptism in the United States, I ask where people were baptized. Most in the US were baptized somewhere in the US, with a few people baptized in countries outside the US. Last night, when I asked the question, responses were: Canada, Italy, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Columbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Mexico, and a few more places. This is a wildly diverse place. But it all pointed to the reality that no matter where we were baptized, that sacrament fundamentally joins us together as a family of Christians.

Here's the font in which I was baptized at Saint Anthony Church in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Tonight's focus is on the Eucharist. I try to help people look at the Eucharist from three dimensions: sacrifice, nourishment, and reconciliation. Tonight's presentation is "heavier" than last night's because I invite people to ponder ways that celebrating the Eucharist call us to be a people aware of the vastness of God's mercy, in their lives and in our world.

I am beginning to worry about my travels for the next few days. Chicago is under a winter storm warning beginning tomorrow. I am scheduled to leave here very early Wednesday morning for Chicago. I plan to spend several hours at the office at WLP, then I travel home, empty my luggage, do the laundry, re-pack, and then leave Wednesday evening for Baltimore, where the Mid-Atlanic Congress begins on Thursday morning. But the winter storm is moving east and Baltimore is now under a winter storm watch for Wednesday and Thursday. Should be an interesting few days.

For now I am focused on the mission here in Bolton, Ontario.

Please pray for the safety of all travelers, especially those headed to Baltimore over the next few days.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Charity Joy (Gabrielle) said...

Hi Jerry! I just wanted to get in touch with you to say how much we enjoyed the Mission. You kept us engaged from beginning to end, and gave us new understanding of things we learned as children. Thank you!
May God continue to richly bless you in your ministry and in all you do. Have a fruitful Lent, a life-changing Triduum, and may the true joy of Easter overflow and burst open your heart!
Let us stay united in prayer for our Pope Francis,for the Church and for the whole world in these exciting times. God Bless

Denise Morency Gannon said...

Also the place of my baptism.:)