Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pope Francis Washes Feet

Pope Francis washes feet.
We waited so long.
Grazie mille Papa Francisco!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that Pope Francis is not afraid to be with the people!!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the music in this video. As beautiful as the Vatican liturgies always are, as a music director, I always feel woefully inadequate when I watch them and listen to the music. This is so much more like every parish I have been too. It seems so much more real.

Charles G said...

Who is this "we"? Why is it good for the Pope simply to ignore the rubrics and encourage liturgical lawlessness? Jesus washed the feet of his apostles as a specific lesson of service to them, and the Pope has often washed the feet of priests. If the Pope wishes to make this a more general sign of charitable service, then he should change the rubrics in proper order with a motu proprio. The liturgy is the worship of God and not a priest's, or even the Pope's, plaything. Why should any rubric or liturgical norm be followed in the wake of the Pope's action? This will be exploited by the proponents of the same old 1960s/1970s mentality that everything old is bad, anything new is good, let's just junk our entire liturgical tradition and the beautiful treasury of sacred music, art and architecture and throw it out the window, etc., etc.

I can see that all the liturgical improvements of Pope Benedict in terms of bringing back beauty, reverence and tradition will now be tossed out the window by those who hate all those things, all in the name of love for the poor. And that will happen regardless of whether that is Pope Francis's intention or not. It is so bogus. There is no reason why loving the poor means that one has to toss out beauty, reverence and tradition in the liturgy, which is the worship of God. St. Francis himself instructed his brothers to be extra specially careful in the celebration of the Eucharist. And as for the implied criticism of Pope Benedict, this is just ridiculous. So Pope Benedict is "afraid to be with the people" as the prior commenter stated? That is utter rubbish. Pope Benedict visited this very same prison. He just didn't use Holy Thursday to promote flouting of liturgical rubrics. This setting up of one pope against another is shameful and ridiculous.