Friday, March 22, 2013

Bidding Farewell to Saint James: The Responsible First Step

Well, folks, the dismantling and cataloging of our historic organ at Saint James, my parish, has begun. I also notice that the floor looks like it has been removed; linoleum floor tiles. Am I sad? Yes, but this organ has been at less than 10% functionality for years. Hoping for a new home (hopefully the new Saint James) for this beast! (in a very good sense). This pipe organ has the fattest, fullest diapason I have ever heard!

Difficult to say "good-bye," but in a sense of good stewardship and for the future of the Catholic presence on the near South Side, saying "good-bye" is a must.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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Tom G said...

Not sure if it is as much saying "good bye" as saying "see you later."