Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Translation Tuesday: Occasional Worshippers

"New Translation Tuesday" greetings.

A colleague here at WLP recently attended funeral Masses both here in the Midwest and on the East Coast, as recently as yesterday. He told me that something odd and disturbing occurred at these Masses. While the parishes did provide a Mass booklet, with the new translation included in the booklet, the "occasional" Catholic worshippers who attended responded to the various prayers and dialogues using the old translation. And he noticed that these people eventually just stopped responding at all as the Mass continued, despite the fact that they were given a worship aid.

Just wanted to put this report out there and ask you if this has been your experience.

Thanks for any and all responses to this question.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

I have been starting to look for a new funeral aids or booklets. Are they going to be published soon or at all?

David said...

Disturbing seems a bit strong of a word.

Maybe disheartening.

Clergy being arrested for drug dealing of sexual abuse is disturbing.

Let's not overreact.

Paulof the Desert. said...

could this be a start of a silent resistance by those of us who reslly understood and approved of the Liturgial Reforms of Vatican II. By the way did you know that the great "progressive cardinsal from Australia His name being Cardinal Pell is speaking in Boston,quite fitting I would say.!!

Denise Morency Gannon said...

Jerry, I see this all the time. I don't think that it's a silent resistance but perhaps more of a silent apathy. The 'occasional' Catholic is most often a bit uncomfortable about being in the pews and there are many reasons for this. The new prayers simply add to their dilemma because their unfamiliar, now creating more unease and more distance between the occasional Catholic and the faithful Catholic. Worship aids with all of the prayers are a great help but I feel that a strong leader can overcome the distance and a welcoming community narrow the divide. The whole herd matters when one sheep finds its way home.

Anonymous said...

We have this all the time. We provide cards and worship aids and people just don't use them. They are familiar and comfortable with whaat they know. I don't know if we are welcoming them or pushing them away.

catholic traveller said...

That the "occasional" Catholics made any response at all is encouraging, in my experience. Frequently I see at weddings and funerals, no participation except to say the Lord's Prayer. The occasionals probably don't even recognize the worship aids.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see this all the time. It doesn't seem to matter if there's a worship aid. The regulars don't use it because they know the parts by now, and the occasionals don't seem to realize it's meant for them. I think they're just coming along for the ride and if it's more trouble than it's worth to them they just give up.

Luke said...

Old habits die hard. I agree with Anonymous 7:48; those occasional worshippers are comfortable with what they know.

In 2008 I received the Anointing of the Sick while hospitalized with odd symptoms including severe memory loss. While the priest and I were celebrating the sacrament I responded to the prayers and dialogues ("The Lord be with you," etc.) instinctively, all the while subconsciously asking myself "Is this right?" I was right on point every time, and while my problems were soon confirmed to be the result of an accidental drug overdose and I have long since recovered, this all points to the fact that the responses are ingrained in our minds.

Anonymous said...

Caution: my thoughts are clouded by so much sickness and death in my family over the past several years.
Jerry, you are a kind soul, but realize you are talking here about a FUNERAL service! The worshippers, occasional or not, are those heavy with grief and those who have come to help carry that burden. No one there needs or deserves the non-verbal tsk-tsk of the "liturgy police."
One Anonymous said "I don't know if we are welcoming them or pushing them away." I'm sensing the pushing them away, not the compassion.

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Hello Anonymous. First of all, my condolences on your recent losses and sickness in your life. My colleague was making an observation, but that is certainly tempered by your reminder that those gathered may or may not even be thinking about the quality of worship or their participation; they may just be there to be there. Thank you for the insight.

Dave said...

I agree, Anonymous. My father died after suffering a year with brain tumors.

I'm a sacred musician, as are my aunts and my grandmother.

I didn't say or sing a word at the funeral.

The constant harping on "active" participation has run its course in our church.

Pray aloud when you want; pray silently when you want.

Don't impose your desires on me and my soul.